Proving the bottom blast forge made on a specialist course. Student is forge welding a bundle of 8mm diameter rods together to form a cage

Scrolling tongs from a coil spring

A bracket incorporating tenon, collaring, rivetting, splitting, scroll making and punching

Applying  a non toxic finish to a fork

A cage twist finial

Welcome to the website of

The Guild of Wrought Ironwork Craftsmen of Wessex

Providing training for the traditional and developing skills of the Blacksmiths Craft and promoting the Craft


Incorporating the Guild of Wrought Ironwork Craftsmen of Wessex, and the Blacksmiths and Metalworkers Association of the South West


For anyone interested in learning the traditional skills

     of the Blacksmiths' Craft we offer the following


An introduction to the Blacksmiths Basic Skills, a three day intensive course for anyone seriously wanting to try forging as a hobby or career change. The skills learnt will give a sound base to produce items to sell, and to add and develop further skills to as you progress.


"Forge in" days give you a chance to ask specific questions in reference to the craft, and have solved any problems you may have come across,  develop your 'smithing skills, bring and buy facilities for tools and materials, and converse with like minded people.


Skill / project course weekends making specific items, eg tongs, hammers, companion sets, candleholders, bootscrapers, figurines, flowers, scroll endings etc


Specialist skills courses for specific skills eg. toolmaking, damascus, twists, repousse, fire welding


Courses tailored to suit your specific requirements


Group courses for clubs , friends or families.


Make items to sell from your very first course.


One person on a forge, no sharing unless required by the skills being taught.



The Guild actively promotes the Craft by supporting our members and providing outlets for their products at many shows throughout the country.


At these shows our members can be seen demonstrating their skills, selling their wares, displaying items they have made, and competing in various competitions


Many County Shows on the National Blacksmiths Competition Circuit are stewarded by members of the Guild.


Some of our members also attend the smaller shows and the guild supports them in these situations.


The Guild also sponsors various competitions by providing trophies.


The Frank Day Memorial Perpetual Trophy




This award consists of a Trophy and a Framed Certificate recording the winning of the Award and a cheque for £250

The Trophy will be engraved with the winners name and the year of the award. The Trophy is retained by the Guild, to be displayed at various selected venues to help to promote the Blacksmiths’ craft and what can be achieved by forging metal in the traditional manner, and to put the winners name before the public.

A framed certificate recording the Award is retained permanently by the winner to be used to promote their skills as they see fit. It can also be arranged for the winner to have publicity photo's taken with the trophy to promote themselves and add to their portfolio.

Conditions of entry

Entry for this award is open to all eligible candidates, you do not have to be a Guild member.

Specifically; Any piece of work made solely by a student who has up to, but no more than,

three years training/experience of the Blacksmith’s Craft.

Multiple entries will be judged individually.

The entries will be judged at the Blacksmiths Guild’s AGM, at The Standerwick Centre, Frome, by a panel of three judges from the Guild’s committee, using marking sheets as per the WCB rules. In the unlikely event of a tie, the Master of the Guild shall have responsibility for the final decision.

Entry is free, more than one item per student may be entered, the items should be brought to the Guild’s AGM with the name of the student attached to the piece inside an unmarked envelope, any personal identity markings should be covered with a suitable masking tape or similar, to ensure anonymity of the entrants pieces when they are being judged.

Any questions or for an entry form or details contact;

Items made on various courses and events held at Westpoint


Made on a toolmaking course

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